How It Works

What New Leaders Will Do

The New Leaders Project will meet with committed, engaged citizens interested in running for the General Assembly. It will assess their stands on the issues, and their prospects for victory.

Solid on the issues: The New Leaders Project will ask candidates how they would vote – a simple yes or no – on actual legislation selected by our members from recent sessions of the General Assembly.

A solid campaign: The New Leaders Project will assess candidates campaign potential with the following questions:

  • Can they develop a smart, winning campaign plan?
  • Build a campaign budget that makes the most of every dollar?
  • Build a strong, committed campaign team?
  • Develop a strategy to reach voters on the Web?
  • How much money can they raise on their own?
  • Do they have a strategic, targeted plan for ringing doorbells and meeting voters?
  • Does the candidate have a record of community involvement?
  • And finally, most important of all – are they committed to doing the hard work it takes to win a long, tough campaign?

With this information in hand, New Leaders will recommend candidates to our members – new leaders who can win in November and make a real difference for Rhode Island in the General Assembly.


What You Must Do

Now that the New Leaders Project has found quality candidates who can provide the kind of leadership Rhode Island desperately needs, we are looking to you for help.

Here’s how you can help: Please contribute a total of $500 directly to the committed, high-quality candidates that we have determined meet our high standards. These donations will help our high-quality candidates overcome the greatest barrier to new blood in state government – raising the thousands of dollars it takes to get elected.

As the campaign progresses, we'll let you know about the progress of the New Leaders candidates’ campaigns – and let you know what else you may be able to do to help turn Rhode Island around.

Now that the candidates have been selected, it all comes down to you. Will you help turn Rhode Island around?