What is the New Leaders Project?
The New Leaders Project is a Rhode Island non-profit corporation, organized as a 501 c 6 membership organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

Is the New Leaders Project a PAC, or Political Action Committee?
The New Leaders Project is not a Political Action Committee. A political action committee accepts contributions from donors and then makes a donation from the PAC to candidates. Which candidates receive PAC money is determined by the management of the PAC.

The New Leaders Project offers a better option. Through our website, donors can contribute directly to the candidates of their choice.

Will my name appear anywhere as a campaign contributor?
R.I. State Law does not require a candidate to report a donation on any public document for a contribution of $100 or less. The name and place of employment of anyone who contributes over $100 to a candidate in any given calendar year must be reported, according to state law.

What is the track record for the New Leaders Project?
New Leaders was formed in 2010. In November 2010, New Leaders endorsed four candidates, three of whom were victorious. One of our candidates was the only state senate candidate in Rhode Island to defeat an incumbent senator. (Our fourth candidate received 49% of the vote in a race against an eight-term incumbent who had received more than 70% of the vote in each of the three previous elections.)